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Updated: May 16, 2021

Elephants, no doubt, are stunning animals. They certainly look stunning, yet when you peruse these facts about them, about their characteristics, you will discover them considerably really astounding. In this way, here are some truly fascinating facts about elephants.

Elephants are known to take incredible consideration of the bones of their dead relatives.

There is a major contrast between the ear size of an African elephant and an Asian elephant. African elephant's ears are multiple times greater than those of Asian elephants.

African elephants will in general utilize their huge long ears for other valid justifications, like flagging others and for security also to avoid dangers.

Did you know a grown-up elephant craps 80 pounds per day?

Both African and Asian elephants utilize their ears to control their internal heat level.

During WWII, the very first bomb dropped on Berlin by the Partners killed the lone elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

In 1916, an elephant was tried and hanged for homicide.

This enormous warm-blooded creature can drink upto 80 gallons of water in one single day.

It is accepted that an elephant can smell water from a distance of three miles.

The elephant is a solitary vertebrate that can't hop. It certainly made the Earth shudder on the off chance that it had the option to hop.

Every elephant has special ears.

It can swim for significant distances.

They have a heartbeat pace of 27.

They have a helpless hearing, regardless of having such enormous ears.

They are referred to live for as much as 70 years.

An elephant will go through around 16 hours eating on a solitary day.

They rest less. These warm-blooded creatures are known to rest for around 5 hours in an evening.

An elephant rests while standing.

Their trunk has no bones. Almost 150,000 muscles and nerves give adaptability.

The extreme skin these creatures have is around 1 inch thick!

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