Learn about the largest dogs in the world - The Turkish Kangal - kangal shepherd Dog

Updated: May 16, 2021

The pride of Anatolia, Turkish kangal canines are currently an enrolled breed everywhere in the world... Interest in this valiant and amazing canine variety, which secures crowds against cheetahs in Africa and is the key gatekeeper of shepherds and groups in Anatolia, is developing step by step. So what are the qualities of Kangal canines? How might it be taken care of?

Turkish kangal History

For at least 6,000 years, the Kangal Shepherd Dog has been preserved in its glory in Anatolia (now known as Focal Turkey).An amazing and free superintendent, the Kangal Shepherd Dog has, as of late, acquired regard in the western world. Consolidating its common senses with preparation, a Kangal Shepherd Dog can be left to protect its rush from hunters without human guidance. Contingent upon its area, the variety is utilized to protect sheep, goats and even fowl from hunters. In Turkey, these incorporate wolves and bears and in Australia the variety is similarly successful against foxes and wild dogs.


Kangal Shepherd Dogs are tenacious, free, and alert, but they are also quiet and measured in their movement and should not be hyperactive or prone to an excess of energy.The Kangal Shepherd Dog is, for the most part, not a variety for the show ring, but to see one in its full greatness, shielding its charges, is rousing. Misleadingly reserved rings a bell while portraying a Kangal Shepherd Dog's peculiarities, with its notorious crossed paws and shut eyes; however, one would be hasty to fully trust this.


A Kangal Shepherd Dog should be huge, winning, with a profound chest and in general strength. It is effectively worked, with a wide, profound head, gruff profile and a thick neck. The variety is known for its curled tail. The most well-known tone in the western world is grovel, with a dark cover and ears; notwithstanding, all shading varieties are worthy and are seen sliding from the fluctuating landraces of Turkey.


A Kangal Shepherd Dog, consistent with its legacy and roots, is by and large a solid, long-living dog, generally liberated from endemic medical problems. However, there have been cases of hip dysplasia, entropian, and hypothyroidism in the range, so buyers should be aware of these and look for proof of proper health screening.

Upkeep and Reasonableness

A Kangal Shepherd Dog isn't for the fledgling proprietor, and preferably ought not be contained in rural conditions. It makes a magnificent family partner when incorporated accurately and ought to approach self-controlled exercise. Being a Monster Breed that develops quickly, the Kangal Shepherd Dog in general joint consideration with respect to weight, sustenance and exercise is basic.

The Kangal Shepherd Dog is seen to be a huge eater, yet truth be told, it isn't. This is on the grounds that the variety monitors its energy by observing fastidiously, planning for a 'murder pursue'.

A Kangal Shepherd Dog has a thick, thick twofold coat, consisting of long gatekeeper hair that sheds all year and a rich undercoat that sheds twice a year.In spite of the fact that it doesn't matt, standard brushing during sheds helps with keeping up appearances. The jacket of the variety can vary in length, which is frequently characteristic of the environment; it does not require cutting and only a couple of showers.

In general, the Kangal Shepherd Dog is a dependable and loyal defender of its pack.

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